Our mission is to ensure the child’s well-being and development by following him/her in the process of discovery and learning and also by offering him/her age-appropriate activities.


The adaptation period is essential at all ages. It allows the children, their families and LJDL’s staff to know and create a relationship of confidence in order to ease the separation.

During this period, children begin to create reassuring links with the adults who care for them. It generally lasts a week depending on the parents’ schedule and each child’s needs.


The first two days, the parent(s) stay with their child(ren) to share his/her life habits and history prior to entering the daycare. The separation time with the parent(s) is progressive until children are comfortable for a full day.

A daycare and nursery school environment must be one in which he/she can blossom and build his/her personality while the parents are away.


For the child, daycare or nursery school is a very rich period for intellectual, psychomotor and also emotional acquisitions.  This is why the staff is very engaged in creating a secure and adapted space in order for the child to follow his/her own pace.


By offering play and stimulating experiences, the staff follows the child in his/her discovery of the world.  Setting up markers in the space, creating emotional safety with a referent adult and steady staff create continuity between Le Jardin de Louise and home.


Growing up with the support of an adult, the child learns rules of community life while keeping his/her personality. The professional follows the child and supports him/her in acquiring an autonomy compatible with the development of motor skills.